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Maple Grove, MN piano lessons


Marcia Vahl's Maple Grove Piano Studio offers private piano lessons to children as young as age 5, elementary age, teens, and adults. Students of all ages love their lessons here!  Maple Grove Studio is unique -

Learn How ...


At MGPS we believe in providing EXCITING piano lessons that are RELEVANT, MOTIVATING, and FRESH. Students here learn through hands-on musical games, activities, iPad apps, improvising, composing their own music, and playing pieces they love.   Sound different from the lessons many adults took during their childhood? At MGPS we put a new twist on those traditional piano lessons. 

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About the Studio

Starting as early as age 4, we offer piano lessons to people of all ages.Find out what else makes this studio so unique . . . 


What is the secret to the engaging lessons at MG Piano Studio? Find out why this studio is unique . . . 


Get in Touch

We offer a free trial 1st lesson to everyone interested in studying at the studio  Contact me to schedule your free trial lesson!

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