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What Can You Expect?

What Students Are Saying:

"Marcia is a highly professional, intuitive teacher who is able to skillfully navigate through all the challenges of piano education for students at all levels and abilities. She is able to thoroughly motivate her students, making them feel empowered to take the right steps to achieve their goals. As a former piano student of Marcia I can say without hesitation that she is one of the best teachers in MN and all those looking for quality piano performance/theory education should invest in time with her.  ~ Joel, Maple Grove

From the Teacher

  • Positivity & Praise

  • Practice, Study, and Performance to keep up skills 

      and personally understand where the student is coming from 

  • A sense of humor. 

  • Professional Policies & Procedures 

  • Service to the Student, Music Organizations, & the Community.

  • Well-Rounded Curriculum that produces Excellent Musicians


A Warm, Nurturing, Positive Environment

  • A place of warmth where the individuals gifts and talents are recognized and affirmed without judgment regarding his/her musical gifts or level of achievement

  • Helping students to set goals and reach a high level of achievement

A firm foundation in music literacy

  • Introduction to the musical staff, note names, note values, interpretive markings, the geography of the printed musical score and the keyboard

  • Introduction to and development of physical skills to produce effective sounds at the keyboard; good technical skills to accomplish repertoire

  • Understanding of how a printed musical score related to the keyboard

  • Individually tailored activities to develop accurate listening skills along with complementary study to strengthen sight reading skills    


Opportunities for musical development and performance

  • Cultivation of music literacy and interpretive skills for performing increasingly complex repertoire

  • Coaching in how to go beyond the notes on the page to make music your own, expressing music with great artistry

  • Encouragement for pursuit of performance opportunities to capitalize on student's advancing skill level; 3-4 recitals per year

  • Involvement in student activities through Minnesota Music Teachers Association if the student wishes; contests, piano exams, theory ex

  • You will have the joy of making music at every lesson ​at the studio, where playing artistically is always emphasized.

  • You will experience Professional Teaching based on years of education, performance, and teaching experience.

  • Making music at Vahl Piano Studio is a great positive creative outlet for you or your child.

  • Music study at the Studio helps you score 30% higher in science and math than non-performing peers on SAT's.

  • Videos of your performances help you to gain confidence as you see "you really can do it!"

  • Technology used at the studio (iPad2 and iPod music theory games, Home Concert Extreme, accompaniment disks, audio recording) assists you in learning faster and more thoroughly.

  • Performance opportunities at the Studio help students to conquer fear and take risks, to develop discipline, a positive attitude, and self esteem.

  • Music study replaces hours of computer games with true artistic achievement.

  • The teacher's positive attitude and passion for music is contagious; it can't help but rub off on the student. High student morale = High achievement.

  • Maple Grove Piano has a great track record of high achievement and keeping students learning through their high school years.

  • Emphasis at the Studio on being able to play music as recreation reduces stress in your life.

  • You will learn life lessons through music study at the studio.

Maple Grove, MN piano lessons

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